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Animation Creator / Game Designer / Graphic Designer / Music Composer / Writer


Seishi Irimajiri

Animation Creator / Game Designer / Graphic Designer / Music Composer / Writer

After he worked as a music composer in the stage theatre industry in Japan, he studied at European Film College in Denmark in 2016. "BORDERLINE", the graduation digital short animation, has been screened at over ten film festivals in the world. He has received fellowships Universe Accelerator (2018 Denmark), Yaddo (2019 The U.S.), and Adobe Creative Residency Fund(2020). Currently he is doing many creative activities and study every day to explore the possibilities of storytelling.

He is currently working with Shueisha Games to produce a Sci-Fi video game about telephone communication.

Short Animation Music Video 2020

 by Ghalib

Animation : Seishi Irimajiri

Written, Composed and Produced by Kushmir
Mixed and Mastered by Kushmir
Concept : Seishi Irimajiri and Kushmir 

Short Animation 2020

Night Lights Denver program

 The project presents digital animation in the heart of downtown Denver on the façade of the Daniels & Fisher Clock Tower, one of the city’s most iconic and historic buildings. 

The Digital Short  Animations
Screened by Film Festivals

Short Animation 2019


It will be screened at Supernova digital animation festival 2019 in Denver.

Short Animation 2017


"Once there was no border line on the earth."

BORDERLINE tells the story of a boy who creates borders on Earth, however these borders start moving without his consent, which fills
him with rage.

[SCREENING] 2017 - 2018
Odense International Film Festival
SUPERNOVA(Honorable Mention)
SPARK animation Vancouver
Vancouver Golden Panda International Film Festival (The Best Animated Film)
Denver International Film Festival
Speechless Film Festival
Super Geek Film Festival
Asian Film Festival of Dallas
Jecheon International Music & Film Festival